A Circular Walk From Roche Abbey

This is a beautiful walk near Maltby, to the east of Rotherham in South Yorkshire. It is full of history, nature, woodland and vast views, with no need for any big climbs.

It starts from Roche Abbey and takes you through woodland, past waterfalls and through the village of Laughton en le Morthen with its great church and spire.

The walk starts with splendour immediately. Walking by Roche Abbey, you are surrounded by history nestled in the valley floor.

roche abbey

Following the path beside the fence, keeping the abbey on the right, you turn right at the end and into the wonderful King’s Wood.

Here, you will find yourself in an old and beautiful woodland with waterfalls and greenery everywhere. Then, after about half a mile, you come to a fork in the path. Take the left path that goes gradually uphill for a short time.

As you step out of the woods, you will meet fabulous views along the path. There are miles of crops and fields to the left and the woods appear below to your right.

As you walk straight ahead, you cannot miss the village of Laughton en le Morthen and the huge 185ft spire of its church. This is a perfect halfway place to explore.

After passing through Laughton en le Morthen, you head down to the valley bottom to begin the walk back. Here, you will gain a whole new perspective of this very pretty area.

The pathway you headed out on is now above you to the right and the woodland is ahead of you. From this area’s angle, you really do see why they placed Roche Abbey where they did. The valley gets narrower, with the woods nestled in the valley bottom.

When you get back into the woods, you come in on what was the other path in the fork mentioned earlier and you can make your way back to the start.

You can find the GPX route for this walk on walkshire.com

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