Welcome to Walkshire

Welcome to Walkshire, the year long campaign from Welcome to Yorkshire to make the county the home of walking in the UK. You might ask yourself what is Walkshire? What does it mean for me and hopefully, how can I get involved?

We are blessed with some of the most iconic locations in the country to stretch those legs and get outdoors, however, Walkshire isn’t just about celebrating the countryside and our many beautiful sites across the region. Just as walking is accessible to all, Walkshire is accessible to all. We will be focussing across the year on urban walks, walks on your doorstep, walks with friends and walks that discover the history and heritage of our fine county.

Whilst we will be covering walks all over the region it is really important to make sure that you follow the countryside code at the latest Covid restrictions at all times. We’d want you enjoy Yorkshire but respect the people and places of our unique part of the world

There will be a walk a day published across all our website and social media channels. This will help you build up a library of walks to choose from when you have time to get out and about. These will be themed seasonally ranging from a mental health focus in January, child focussed walks in the school holidays and spooky ghost walks at Halloween. We’re also collating many of our walks on our handy Walkshire map so that you can find them easily and check out different types to try out when you’re ready.

Walking is also a fabulous way to support some of our communities and local businesses. That cup of coffee, the ice cream for the kids or the quick snack to refuel will make a big difference to some of the businesses that have had a hard time in the last year. They want to see you, and Walkshire provides that great excuse to see them.

We’re also working with some famous faces from the region who will share their experiences and favourite places for a stroll, as well as some of the region’s finest bloggers who will talk about the thing that they are passionate about, walking. We know that you will be engaged and inspired by their stories as they talk with passion about the places that they love. They are all different people with different approaches but united by a love for the region and benefits of walking. You’ll get to meet people (and the odd dog) that you’ll want to learn more about, and from, in the coming weeks and months.

We will also be working with Yorkshire Cancer Research and helping them raise much needed funds to continue their good work in the battle against cancer and it’s impact on people and families. The benefits of walking and being healthier reduce your chances of developing cancer and you’ll have opportunities to get involved with fundraising during the month of May when we hold our ‘Tour de Walkshire‘. We’re proud to be supporting such a great local cause.

You also hear from great organisations such as Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Sustrans and the Canal & River Trust, and with three National Parks in the county you truly are spoilt for choice on where to roam. All of these maintain great and unique walking routes across Yorkshire and we hope you’ll enjoy their stories and routes over the year.

So what is Walkshire and how can you get involved?

Simply, Walkshire is for everyone. We’ll show you over the course of the year that Yorkshire has every type of walk that you could possibly imagine in every location the region has to offer. You can get involved by getting out and about, sharing your experiences of Walkshire on social media and this website.

A final request from us here at Welcome to Yorkshire as you enjoy Walkshire, please make sure you respect local Covid guidelines, always follow the countryside code and be sure to check the weather before setting out on a walk. Yorkshire is the most beautiful place and let’s make sure we keep it that way.

Enjoy 2021, the year of Walkshire.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Walkshire

  • Will Lifford says:

    A great idea – lots of good walks, but PLEASE give some more guidance and words of caution – I’m an experienced Dales walker and some of these walks are challenging and potentially dangerous if undertaken by inexperienced or ill-equipped people. You ought to give a rating next to each walk and make it clear that some of them should only be undertaken by people experienced in navigating by OS map (never rely just on GPS), and with the right gear, especially footwear. Your use of OpenStreetMap isn’t helpful as it doesn’t show elevations.

    Your description of the Horsehead and Deepdale walk as “an easy five and a half mile walk” is misleading. Its a difficult walk especially along the ridge where it’s often boggy and hard going.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as negative, but it would be awful if a problem arose because someone undertook one of the difficult walks on the back of your description without realising what it would entail.

    • Will,

      Thanks for your comment on my blog, we love to here all the feedback on Walkshire. To put your mind at rest these walks have been put together by a bunch of expert walkers with lots of experience within the region. In the case you’ve outlined whilst the segmentation has been classified as challenging it look like our author made a mistake in the opening sentence. Thanks for bringing that to our attention and I’ve now amended it to remove that.

      We really appreciate your thoughts and support for the campaign as a whole.

      Please keep in touch with any other feedback you have on the walks or the campaign as a whole.

      Thanks once again, we really appreciate it.

  • You may wish to check with local bodies, several versions of local walks you have included take a particularly difficult version of the walk, you haven’t use OS mapping (which is a very odd choice) so your straight lines from point to point don’t assist people in finding footpaths (and avoiding landowner conflict), and having walks start in small villages with parking issues rather than car parks is just unnecessary.

    Did you for example check with the Nidderdale AONB or local tourist office with your Nidderdale choices?

    • John,

      Thanks for your comment. All our walks are created by experienced walking experts with many years experience. The walks in Nidderdale have been supplied by an author of several books about walking in the area. Each one of the walks on the map represent and actual walk that the author has been on as this is a track of their route on that particular day. These create a GPS path of the walk which we overlay on the map.
      We will raise your concerns with them, as of course from time to time things do go wrong with technology so we will check these particular routes as well. Thanks for your feedback

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