Malham Cove and Tarn Circular

Malham Cove is an icon of the Yorkshire Dales. This unique limestone amphitheatre dominates the scenery around.

Formed at the end of the last ice age when glaciers melted, this was once a huge waterfall carrying the melt water, eroding the limestone as it came crashing down.

malham cove

At 260 feet high and at nearly 1000 feet across, it is a place to stand in awe whether at the top or the bottom.

You can walk from the village of Malham to the foot and walk up the side of it to reach the top. There are so many treasures to take in here that you can combine into one epic walk.

malham scenery

You can also visit the beautiful waterfall of Janet’s Foss, up Gordale Scar with a small waterfall climb. If you cross the limestone paving above the cove, you’ll reach the shores of Malham Tarn (see the picture below).


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