Rabbit Ings, Barnsley

Family walks are not about distance. They’re about spending time together, exploring wildlife and having fun. Short walks keep little legs happy and give you more time to play games and picnic!

And Rabbit Ings Country Park is a fantastic place to do just that, with a number of routes that you can follow around the 64 hectare site, all quite short. There’s a hill which offers a great viewpoint of the surrounding area and all the way across to Emley moor. If you enjoy a walk whilst your children cycle next to you, the paths around Rabbit Ings are mainly surfaced tracks so perfect for little riders.

Read more about walking at Rabbit Ings Country Park here. On your way round you can see lots of different types of wildlife- why not take a camera and ask your children to take pictures of what they see? Back at home go through the pictures and learn the names and some facts about what you have seen. Draw pictures from your photos or make some models from play-doh. Make sure children have had an adventure, not just a ‘walk’.


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