langsett reservoir

Langsett Reservoir And Pike Lowe

Where South Yorkshire meets the Peak District, not too far from Barnsley is the beautiful setting of Langsett Reservoir.

Combine a walk through the glorious woodland here with a climb up to Pike Lowe on the open moorland and you will have a great 9 mile day out in the fresh air and one full of rich variety.

The starting point: Langsett Reservoir Car Park. On the A616 near to where that road meets the A628 roundabout. This car park is more of an overspill normally for the much busier Langsett Barn car park.

langsett wood

There is a full GPX of this route on the website.

Here is a taster and overview.

From the car park you cross the main road carefully and straight into the conifers and woodland around Langsett Reservoir. Turning left when you reach the water you get a great warm up and start to the walk.

Through the green of the trees, along the shores of the water blue and very flat. This section is very accessible. Eventually you reach the end of the reservoir and turn right to walk along the impressive dam.

langsett dam

After the dam you follow the road just a couple of hundred metres then turn right and back onto the track and pathways.

dogs walking

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main part of the reservoir the paths get much quieter now.

pike lowe

Now. Rather than carry on with a full walk around the reservoir, this walk will take you on a left turn and up into the open access land and the moors. You will see the summit of Pike Lowe up on the tops and a pathway that takes you there.

However: Yes this pathway is clear and open. But you will find this.

no dogs

Not just this sign but others too all in a row basically saying the landowner has said ‘no dogs’.

If you see this sign and the path is a public right of way (I use OS maps as a rule) then as long as you stick to the path strictly with a short lead then you are OK. But on this occasion the path up to Pike Lowe is visible and allowed but not shown on OS as a public right of way.

So unfortunately, from my walks here, I have never been able to complete it fully since I have been with Malc and co unfortunately. I love the walk, the memories of it, and know you will love it. But if you with dogs alas you can’t sorry, grouse hunting is more important to some.

malc at langsett

When you get to the top of Pike Lowe you get expansive views all over the open moorland and South Yorkshire. Fresh air, breeze on the face. Invigorating and worth every step.

From the summit you take the path west and walk back down to Langsett Reservoir via Mickleden Edge. More top views of the Reservoir and the Beck.

Once down it i straight on back to the car park you started at.

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