Views along the River Ouse

Today’s walk of the day is a York walk taking in the views along the River Ouse in Yorkshire’s oldest city.

Firstly, walk from Water End on Clifton Bridge and head along the eastern side of the River Ouse. Follow the footpaths towards York City Centre. This stretch of the route will then lead you towards the Museum Gardens and Star Inn The City. As you walk this stretch of the route, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the historic York Minster.

River Ouse – Route

As you make your way towards the centre of York, cross the Scarborough Railway bridge. From this bridge you can see the quaint skyline of York and out towards Clifton in one direction and the accompanying woodland in the other.

Follow the footpath on the south side of the river. You will pass the Memorial Gardens and The Perky Peacock at the midpoint of your route, where you can stop for a well deserved sweet treat and a coffee. Look across the river for a view of Tower Gardens and follow this path until you reach Rowntree Park.

From Rowntree Park, cross the Millenium Bridge and head to the other side of the river. On the other side, you can cross Blue Bridge and make your way through Tower Gardens. Walk along the riverfront then take the stairs and cross the bridge back over at Ousegate.

The View from Ousegate

On the north side of the river, head back along the footpath you started your journey on. Pass the Museum Gardens and head back towards Water End.

River Ouse – Conditions

This route is very easy underfoot as it is a simple city walk. There are a plethora of places to stop along the route where you can have a rest. The Ouse has been known to flood in York, therefore be sure to check the weather and local news before setting off.

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Photo Credits to Amy Dillon – @amyndillon on Instagram

river ouse and dog

A Walk Around Clifton and Rawcliffe Ings, York

A wonderful walk just to the north of the City of York which takes in a wander beside the River Ouse together with the wide open green spaces of Clifton Ings and Rawcliffe Ings. Perfect for dogs, nature lovers and families alike.

clifton ings

The walk around the circumference of both Rawcliffe and Clifton Ings is only 3.5 miles, so achievable to many. There are many detours that can help create a much longer walk if you wish. Keep heading north along the cycle path toward Skelton or just a mile or two south you can be in the City of York itself.


The big Park and Ride car park, Rawcliffe Bar, is free and is predominantly used for people heading into York and back. However, the beauty of it is that it is situated right beside the Ings and the River Ouse too.

Behind the bus stop within the car park, look for the path that leads away within the trees and down to the open space.

dog walk york

Rawcliffe Ings

I did this walk anti-clockwise so you get much of the river in the first half. Upon reaching the cycle path from the car park, turn right, and head under the road bridge that carries the A1237 York Ring Road above.

Here you are within Rawcliffe Ings, and soon you will meet the riverside. Once at the river turn left and follow it heading South. This will lead naturally into Clifton Ings.

Clifton Ings

It is a joy to walk along the river here. To your left is a wide open green field for the dogs to run and run. To your right the river is a pleasure to walk beside.

running dogs

The main path is raised on a flood defence so the elevation gives a perspective all over as you walk.

Every now and then you get sandy beach-like areas that children or dogs will love, whatever the weather.

tree and dog

As you walk along the riverside, the raised path it will eventually leave the water’s edge and bend left, back toward the concrete path and cycle path.

Here is where you can turn right and head into the city or turn left to continue back beside Clifton Ings.

Now the open field is to your left and there are well maintained meadows and nature reserves along the way to your right.

Keep following the path back to the car park you started at, but make sure you enjoy every step and view along the way. Also keep an eye out for the well maintained and kept meadows, full of colour and butterflies galore.

I have placed the GPX route of my walk on the map.

Walking around the York City Walls with Kids

Walking around the ancient walls in York is one of our favourite things to do with our kids. Seeing the city from this elevated perspective, away from the busy streets, is just wonderful at any time of year.

You can do the full 2-mile circular walk or you can choose to do just a section (we like the one from Monk Bar to Bootham best as it takes you all around the back of the Minster and Dean’s Park), depending on how little your children’s legs are! The most perilous areas are made safe with railings, although it’s worth noting that some areas are still exposed. There is currently a one-way system in place, so you don’t have to worry about getting past anyone. 

Be sure to take some paper and crayons as at each major Bar (the name for the old gates) there is a bit of historical information along with a ‘City Walls Rubbing Trail’. If you complete the trail, you get a map of the walls as well as some other fun images.


The access to the walls is up ancient stairs and there are many ups and downs, taking you down to street level and back up to the walls, so the walk is, unfortunately, not suitable for wheelchairs or prams. On the walls there are lots of sections with a couple of steps along the way too, so we’d definitely recommend walking or using a sling if you have a little one.

There are lots of fabulous photo opportunities along the way, including the beautiful York Minster backdrop and the four main Bars, plus lots of other twists and turns along the way.

For more information about this walk and lots of other fabulous family friendly walks in York, just visit the York Mumbler Website.

York  is a wonderful place for families, with plenty of things to do and lots of activities and events going on! To find out more, check out York Mumbler, a go-to parenting website that has all the information you might need. You can also follow the news page on Facebook, Instagram, or join the York Mumbler Chat Group for local parents and carers.

Walk Up The Central Tower of York Minster

If you want to see the City of York in its full glory as well as the landscape surrounding it then a walk up the central tower of York Minster is definitely worth the climb.

230 foot high above the city you can see out in every direction and point out all the landmarks around. You can see all the way across the Vale of York to the North Yorkshire Moors as well as the ancient walls going around the medieval historic streets.

The 275 narrow spiraling steps up can get the heart and lungs pumping that is for sure but the expansive view from the top is a reason so many visitors make the effort and take away great memories.

Find out more on this York Minster Central Tower post on BaldHiker.