Family Woodland Walk at Coxley Woods

With a very active 5-year-old, we love to explore our local area by going on adventures! We find woodland walks the perfect place to keep him interested and entertained, allowing us a decent walk as a family without a struggle to keep him going.

Coxley Woods, in rural west Wakefield, is our absolute favourite place for adventuring! There is a little stream for dam building and wading, trees for den constructions and swinging and ducks and horses to see. In the spring, the woods even take on a carpet of bluebells and wild garlic!

When exploring the woods, we love these two circular routes, one of just over 1.5km and a slightly longer version further up the valley of 5km. Many Wakefield parents and carers from my Wakefield Mumbler parenting community enjoy these too!

We hope you have a brilliant day out exploring our favourite Wakefield woodland!

Walking around the York City Walls with Kids

Walking around the ancient walls in York is one of our favourite things to do with our kids. Seeing the city from this elevated perspective, away from the busy streets, is just wonderful at any time of year.

You can do the full 2-mile circular walk or you can choose to do just a section (we like the one from Monk Bar to Bootham best as it takes you all around the back of the Minster and Dean’s Park), depending on how little your children’s legs are! The most perilous areas are made safe with railings, although it’s worth noting that some areas are still exposed. There is currently a one-way system in place, so you don’t have to worry about getting past anyone. 

Be sure to take some paper and crayons as at each major Bar (the name for the old gates) there is a bit of historical information along with a ‘City Walls Rubbing Trail’. If you complete the trail, you get a map of the walls as well as some other fun images.


The access to the walls is up ancient stairs and there are many ups and downs, taking you down to street level and back up to the walls, so the walk is, unfortunately, not suitable for wheelchairs or prams. On the walls there are lots of sections with a couple of steps along the way too, so we’d definitely recommend walking or using a sling if you have a little one.

There are lots of fabulous photo opportunities along the way, including the beautiful York Minster backdrop and the four main Bars, plus lots of other twists and turns along the way.

For more information about this walk and lots of other fabulous family friendly walks in York, just visit the York Mumbler Website.

York  is a wonderful place for families, with plenty of things to do and lots of activities and events going on! To find out more, check out York Mumbler, a go-to parenting website that has all the information you might need. You can also follow the news page on Facebook, Instagram, or join the York Mumbler Chat Group for local parents and carers.

Skipton Castle Woods

If you are visiting Skipton, you simply have to walk through Skipton Woods. It’s the perfect place for little ones to explore, with routes of varying distances available. There’s a particularly great short walk starting from the top of the High Street.

The best way in is by starting on the canal and walking up behind the castle (Mill Bridge entrance), as this way you get to view the castle sat way up high on the rock.

You’ll find the entrance to the Woods, a Woodland Trust site, just between the houses. The wicker lady with her bow and arrow points you in the right direction. If you’re after a pram friendly route, enter the woods by walking up Chapel Hill instead and follow the road round to the right. This will bring you to the same entrance. You can follow the path all the way up but you’ll need to retrace your steps back out.

One of the routes we like doing regularly is the ‘red dotted route’. This takes in the whole woods and exits onto Short Lee Lane. To make things even better, there is usually an ice cream van parked in the lay-by, giving our 5-year-old all the motivation he needs! From here, you can go over the stile into the field on the left and climb up to the top to take in the amazing views over the town. The footpath continues down the hill, emerging onto Chapel Hill. This route is 3km.

Our little man loves exploring the woods and there is always so much excitement. Obviously, throwing stones into the water (Round Dam) features high on the list, but he also loves playing hide and seek, running round the bench amphitheatre, watching the waterfall and jumping in all the puddles. Apparently all the ‘big sticks’ can be found here too!

To read more about this walk from Little Miss Yorkshire, read the blog on her website here, or follow her on Instagram.


Otley Chevin for families


As a family with primary school-aged children, we love enjoying a local walk and the views and countryside in Wharfedale are breathtaking. After launching Wharfedale & Craven Mumbler, the hyper-local parenting community, 3 years ago, we have done plenty of exploring of the local area. One of our favourite places is Otley Chevin– there is so much to see and explore there. 

The Chevin is situated on the outskirts of Otley. It’s one of our regular go-to places to visit with the children, who can enjoy following a trail, going off the path to explore the forest and build dens, take in some local history and even enjoy the dry stone wall maze! Whatever the weather, the Chevin has something to offer. The tracks are steep in places so a carrier is advised for little ones and it can get a little muddy – but which kid doesn’t love a muddy puddle to splash in?? Read about the great choices of walks for families on Otley Chevin here.

If you would like to find more ideas to entertain the kids in Wharfedale & Craven please visit our website, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and join the Facebook Chat group for local parents and carers.

Roundhay Park’s Adventure Trails

The beautiful Roundhay Park in North Leeds is a much-frequented spot among many local families. A family trip there often includes a visit to the play area, a stop at the café and a stroll around the lake. But there is SO MUCH more to see!

A great way of seeing some of the hidden gems of the park is by following the Friends of Roundhay Park Adventure Trails. There are two trails, one for pre-schoolers and one for primary school children, but each trail is split into sections so you can do as much or as little as you want!

The trails are a great way to engage the children with the fun of walking, as well as introducing you to areas of the park you may not have known about before. The trails can be downloaded for free from the website, though they do ask for a donation to support the charity’s running costs.

North Leeds is a wonderful place for families, with plenty of things to do and lots of activities and events going on! To find out more, check out North Leeds Mumbler, a go-to parenting website that has all the information you might need. You can also follow the news page on Facebook, Instagram, or join the North & South Leeds Mumbler Facebook Chat Group for local parents and carers.